"Unless I'm Myself
I'm Nobody"

Talking about mental health can give us freedom to seek help, find people who can relate, and move toward well-being. Let’s continue the conversation about mental health. Together, we can work to stop the stigma surrounding issues many of us face!

Care Rooms

These are specifically sorted out groups of members going through a similar type of problem.

Professional Help

We have connected with skilled professionals. If anyone requires their help, they can easily reach out to them.

Our Partners

We partner with organizations and create programs for the betterment of various problems.


Who are we?

CareAnatomy is the mental health care website that provides services for people who need support with their mental health or want to understand more about their mental health well-being. This online service is free of charge, but customers can pay a premium to get additional and special treatment. Also, there is a donation system on the website that allows people to donate money for the benefit of the project and people with mental health illness. Since we are in the pandemic (COVID-19), we will have special service available during the tough time.

Introducing Care Rooms

We create rooms where people can chat anonymously to the people dealing with the same problems and vent their worries. These rooms will be created after analyzing each member problems and placing them in the appropriate pre-existing groups or new group will be created. There will be dedicated rooms where concerned people can talk with qualified therapist present 24/7 The idea behind these groups is for people to talk about their own issues without the fear of being judge and in hopes of finding a solution or at least a place where people go through with the same problems. There would also be a provision for one-on-one chats, with the consent of both the members.


Our Founders

A first year B.Tech student majoring in CSE, a pistol shooter, video editor and a curious learner.
Have had experience in social marketing, film-making, web-dev and screenwriting.

Dhruv Bhagat

Managing Director

18-year-old MTA 98-367: Security Fundamentals certified cybersecurity enthusiast. maintains a blog in my free time and is experienced in social media marketing and finance through his start-up.

Harshit Kataria

Digital Marketer

A goal oriented aspiring engineer with an eye for detail and a passion for technology. Aiming to rebuild society through genteel skillfulness.
MTA 98-381 Programming Using Python certified

Aryaman Bansal

Website Manager

A Third year Specialized Software Development Computer Science student at York University in Canada, experienced in using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (Visual Studio) for developing websites and developing a mobile application using Python (Android Studio).

Quang Hy

Data Analyst

Pricing Plans

Be a part of our amazing community


3,000 monthly
  • 2 Sessions monthly
  • Promotional Offers on medicines
  • No charge Invitation to online seminars by professinals
  • Offline session
  • Extra packages


7,000 monthly
  • 3 Sessions monthly
  • Promotional Offers on medicines
  • No charge Invitation to online seminars by professinals
  • 2 Offline sessions with local professional
  • Discount with affiliated hospitals


15,000 monthly
  • 4 Sessions monthly+ anytime call support
  • Promotional Offers on medicines
  • No charge Invitation to online seminars by professinals
  • 3 Offline sessions with local professional
  • Discount with affiliated hospitals
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We plan on partnering with various Organizations in starting new programs to solve large scale problems. We would hold workshops and give a more fun experience for the betterment of our members. The Organization would be helping us expand our reach and get more people joined with us. With their help them we could also provide our premium functions at a discounted rate to teenagers in trouble. This would help them cope well with their problems in their growing years.

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